Hound Beta Voice Search+ 1.1.1 Apk

Hound Beta Voice Search+ 1.1.1 Apk

SoundHound Inc.
- July 31, 2015-Everyone
Andriod 4.0.3 and up +


Product Description

Hound Beta Voice Search+ v1.1.1 Apk

Presently invite only.
Offered in US only at this time. Required a code? Request in-app or at http://www.soundhound.com/hound.

Say it. Get it.

Hound is an app that you speak to, and it understands exactly what you are looking for or attempting to do. It’s like a voice-enabled online search engine. It’s also like a personal assistant.

Being the fastest and simplest way to obtain the info, entertainment, and interaction services you desire, Hound is developed for a hands-free world, from the ground up.

You will certainly discover yourself opening Hound to do what you used to type and tap for, due to the fact that now you can merely Hound and get it quicker.

Popular Features :

  •  Weather.
  •  Navigation.
  •  Regional Search.
  •  Hotel Search + Expedia reservation.
  •  Make telephone call.
  •  Web searches – speak what you’re looking for instead of typing.
  •  Video search.
  •  News search.
  • Photo search.
  •  Stock Lookups.
  •  Flight condition.
  •  Date and Time.
  •  Alarm and Timer.
  •  Music search.
  •  “SoundHound Now” – activate a music acknowledgment search or a Sing/Hum search.
  •  Mortgage Calculator.
  •  Word and phrase translation.
  •  Wikipedia.
  •  Play interactive video games.
  •  … and more.

You can go hands totally free by saying, “Okay Hound”.

Exactly what makes Hound amazing?

Hound’s Speech-to-Meaning engine provides unequaled speed and accuracy. Speech recognition and natural language understanding is done all at once and in real time. Compared to conventional strategies that perform speech acknowledgment initially, then send out the result to a search or understanding engine, Hound does it instantly. You experience speed and accuracy.

You can speak naturally. No need to speak in fragmented keywords. Hound has the capability to deal with natural language sentences, consisting of details, specifics, and several criteria (think, for example, of explaining the hotel you want to find to have a health club, complimentary wi-fi and be less than $200 a night). Hound can even understand exemptions and negation (for example, if you want to discover a location for lunch, however since you’ve had Chinese all week, you can state “show me restaurants nearby, leaving out Chinese places”). This empowers you to truly get exactly what you’re looking for, quicker and with a great experience.

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