Google Contacts 1.1 (Android 5.1+) Apk

Google Contacts 1.1 (Android 5.1+) Apk

Google Inc.
Andriod 5.0.1


Product Description

Google Contacts 1.1 (Android 5.1+)

How does Google Contact works ?

Google Contacts is a means to arrange contact details regarding individuals you interact with. Each contact you get in touch with can contain basic info like names, email addresses, and contact number but can also consist of extended details like physical address, employer, department, or job title.

Google Contacts integrates with all Google Apps, such as Gmail, Drive, and Schedule, with the auto complete feature. This permits customers to send out e-mail, share files, and timetable consultations without having to look up call details in a separate tab or window. Customers could also integrate contacts between Google Applications and also a Android Smartphone to view calls and their details.

What’s New in Google Contacts 1.1 (Android 5.1+)

It has basically few new things incorporated into it, some of those are:

  1. There are a few Material Design improvements.
  2. The date Picker has been improved and its been integrated more seamlessly in Android 5.1 Lollipop.
  3. There has been some changes in UI that is few new fields are added and the process of adding a contact is now more hassle free.


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